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Alternate Overdraw on Continuous Line Drawing

After my early attempts at continuous line drawing, and then alternate shading, I tried Alternate Overdraw on top of my continuous line drawings.  This produced some fascinating results which led to developments throughout my art.

Alternative Overdraw on Continuous Line of the Horse, start A to B.

Draw from A to B to start Alternate Overdraw on Single Continuous Line Drawing of the Horse.

Lets use the Horse as an example.  Here is a lightly drawn Continuous Line (sorry if you have to tilt your lap top to see it all).  Start at point A and use a thicker pen or marker and draw over the first section of line, in the direction of the arrow, between the two crossovers.  Then miss a section before overdrawing the next section of line.  Keep going overdrawing alternate sections to point B.  You will see that already some overdraw sections are forming closed lines.


Alternate Overdraw of continuous line of horse.

Complete Alternate Overdraw of Continuous Line Drawing of horse from point A.



The next illustration shows the complete Alternate Overdraw and all these new darker lines form closed lines.




Naturally, if we start the Alternate Overdraw in a section which was not overdrawn in the above example (eg at X below), then this produces a result where a completely different set of closed lines appear.


Other Alternate Overdraw on Continuous Line of horse.

Other Alternate Overdraw on Single Continuous Line Drawing of horse, starting at X.











From the above findings I first developed my Colour Sequence ideas, which I will expand upon in the next post.

Later I used the closed lines to help in the construction of large models of my continuous line drawings as well as to devise hidden drawings within continuous lines.  More later on those.

The Alternate Overdraw method also led to a way to find a path through Four Colour Theory maps as part of my attempt to prove that theory nearly 40 years ago.

So, watch this space !!