Mick Burton     My main style is Continuous Line Drawing and, after a gap of 40 years, my new painting “Harriet’s Busy Day” was a finalist in Britain’s Got Artists and exhibited in Leeds Central Library in July 2012.  I am a Continuous Line Artist again.

I originally painted with poster colours on card after starting Continuous Line Drawings in 1965.  Northern Screenprints Ltd in Pudsey, Yorkshire, offered to produce prints of 4 animals and I sold another 4 designs to greeting card printers J Arthur Dixon Ltd (Isle of Wight).  Between 1969 and 1971 I lived in Nottingham, and was accepted into the Nottingham Society of Artists.  I travelled to London on the train, with pictures under my arms, to enter Open Exhibitions and had 10 accepted, including at the National Society, on the Mall in 1972.

My natural style developed through many observed links with nature and I realised that this was connected to new mathematics of that time.  I corresponded with mathematicians from Leeds University and the Open University about Four Colour Theory.  Marriage and a career (back in Leeds) and children then took over.  My painting ceased in about 1973 and the maths in about 1976.

So I am back, and people’s reactions are so similar, which is tremendously encouraging.  But the world has moved on.  In the late 1960’s someone asked me if my pictures were done by a computer, when computers had just moved on from punched cards !  Now computers can animate to the point of being indistinguishable from reality, but I need to be able to see the difference.  I want art to be from the hand, eye, brain and the heart, if you are lucky enough to have them all.  I may use some systems, just as nature does, but my art is not thought out by any computer.  I am happy that a Continuous Line can be drawn by use of a stylus on a tablet computer, just as it could be scraped onto a cave wall with a flint.

As from July 2014 I intend to publish a new post every two weeks, and make this the Continuous Line Artist Blog to watch.  

I want to show a range of my pictures in my website Galleries and use the Blog to post insights into my art and explain how it relates to nature, my life and a bit of maths.  My aim is to keep things simple.  If you can appreciate my forms, structures, colours and feelings instinctively, as you might the wonders of nature, then I am getting somewhere.  I like to think that my sort of art could have been produced at any time in history, and I will mention others who have had similar ideas, both recently and back through time.

You are welcome to use my pictures on your web site, but please acknowledge me and my continuous line drawings.  If you adopt any part of my approach please acknowledge that too and, of course, I would be delighted to hear from you about it and any observations you have.

Here are my main exhibitions or similar, mostly exhibitions where selection is involved or I have received invitations.  

IMG_20181023_0001 - Copy

I have also being invited to do demonstrations or workshops at Stainbeck Arts Club, Alwoodley Art Group, Horsforth Art Society and Farsley Art Club (which are all in the Leeds area) and at Ripon Arts, North Yorkshire.  I will do a workshop at Harrogate and Nidderdale Art Club in December 2018.

I have an ambition to show how continuous line drawing is naturally linked to many styles of art and structures in nature.  My blog includes references to Four Colour Maps, Islamic art patterns and Knots, and also Celtic art has many similarities.  

Noboru Ito, author of “Knot Projections” published by Chapman and Hall in November 2016, asked if he could reference articles in my blog in his preface.  These relate to Haken’s Gordian Knot, which I compared to my Twisting, Overlapping, Envelope Elephant picture. 

I am currently working on various ways to draw Prime Numbers.

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  1. Michael Chang

    Wow !!! Mick known you all this time and know you have a hidden talent, me and my son have been admiring your fantastic work on your website.


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