Tour of Britain. Continuous Line Drawing. Mick Burton, 1973.

“Tour of Britain” , or “Not to Scale”. Continuous line drawing where the coastal outline influences the interior. Mick Burton, 1973.

“Tour of Britain” suggests a cycle race over every part of the country. “Not to Scale” refers to my time in the Police when our plans drawn after a road accident had to be marked “Not to scale” so that the defence lawyer would not knit pick on accuracy. I applied my colour sequence in a “bounce” fashion. Normally I would have a colour sequence of say 7 colours from +4 to -3. Here I allocated the (-) numbers the same colour as the same positive, so only had 4 colour sequence. The influence of the coast structure seems to have put mountains etc where they actually are (most of the time) eg. Pennines, Snowdon, Scottish Highlands.

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